Ensuring Cosy Orangeries this Winter

Wondering whether orangeries get chilly in winter? The simple answer is no – orangeries are snug and warm, providing a toasty haven all year round.

Top 5 Reasons Why Orangeries Stay Warm in Winter

Solid Structure: Orangeries often incorporate solid walls or columns, reducing the risk of cold spots from subpar glazing. Unlike old-fashioned conservatories notorious for winter chill, modern orangeries are designed with improved thermal efficiency. These features ensure your orangery stays warm, even when it’s bitterly cold outside.

Advanced Skylights and Lanterns: The skylights and lanterns that illuminate orangeries are now highly thermally efficient. Take, for example, the Ultraframe Ultrasky Lantern – the warmest lantern roof available, thanks to its innovative thermal breaks. Opting for these advanced features means you can enjoy a warm orangery without worrying about the winter cold.

Super-Insulated Columns: Traditional brick-built columns are being replaced with Ultraframe’s super-insulated columns, boasting five times more thermal efficiency. Not only do these columns expedite orangery construction, but they also enhance its overall thermal performance, ensuring a snug space throughout winter.

High-Performance Windows and Doors: Ongoing technological advancements mean that windows and doors in orangeries continually improve in thermal performance. Ensure your orangery windows and doors are ‘A’ rated for the best results – keeping your space warm and inviting in any weather.

Integrated Heating Solutions: Since orangeries feature solid wall areas, adding heating is a breeze. Extend your central heating system and install radiators, just like you would in any other room. This straightforward solution guarantees your orangery remains comfortably warm in winter.

Choosing the Right Rooflights: Vital for Winter Comfort

When designing your orangery, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right rooflights, skylights, or lanterns to guarantee winter warmth.

Ultrasky Lanterns and Flat Skylights – A Winning Choice:

  • Thermal Break Technology: The Ultrasky Lantern boasts thermal breaks inside and out, preventing cold air from penetrating the materials and ensuring a highly thermally efficient orangery glazing solution.
  • Warm Frame Technology: The Ultrasky Flat Skylight takes the lead in thermal efficiency among flat skylights, thanks to its Warm Frame technology. It’s the ideal choice to keep your orangery warm and cozy year-round.
  • Optional Thermally Efficient Kerb: Enhance warmth by pairing the Ultrasky Flat Skylight with an optional kerb. This additional feature further contributes to maintaining a comfortable temperature within your orangery.

Stay Warm All Year Round

So, bid farewell to concerns about your orangery turning into an icy space during winter. Armed with the knowledge of these high quality products, you can confidently create an orangery that’s warm, inviting and perfect for every season.

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