Yorkshire Warm Roofs helps with Green Homes Grant

As part of a range of measures designed to get the economy out of the Covid-19 doldrums, the government has launched something called the Green Homes Grant, the details of which were released on Tuesday.

Through it, homeowners will be able to apply for government funding for their energy-saving home improvements. Seems pretty sensible, as it’s a kind of economic stimulus that’ll pay for itself in the long run, and help to slash the nation’s carbon emissions in the process.


How does the Green Homes Grant Work?


Up to 600,000 households could be eligible for these vouchers, which will cover a portion of cost up to £5,000. If you’re a ‘low-income’ household, then you’ll be able to claim vouchers covering up to 100% of these improvements.

You’ll need to install at least one of the following primary improvements to be eligible for the vouchers:

Insulation, including loft, cavity wall, and under-floor |  Air or Ground-source heat pump |  Solar thermal


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