Tips on keeping your conservatory clean

As with all windows in your home, your conservatory windows, frames and doors will require regular cleaning to keep them looking fabulous. This can be carried out easily by yourself.

The roof on the on the other hand will be a little more difficult to clean and therefore you might want to consider employing a specialist conservatory cleaning company to carry out this task on your behalf. We suggest that the roof and side frames should be cleaned every 4 months to keep them in tip top condition.

Whether it be the windows, doors, frames, roof or guttering, please ensure solvent based or abrasive cleaners are not used as these could cause damage to your extension that will be expensive to fix.
Drainage systems on conservatories can often be overlooked, it is important to keep your conservatory’s drainage remains unblocked. This is easily done by periodically removing dirt, clearing drain holes and checking the drainage operation by flushing through with water.

As guttering on conservatories are always laid level in accordance with BS EN 12056 Parts 1,3 & 5 Code of Practice for Drainage of Roofs, you will notice standing water in the guttering system, with this in mind it is important that these are cleaned on a regular basis.

We know that it might be tempting to use a power washer when it comes to cleaning your conservatory but we would advise against this as the force could cause damage, resulting in expensive repair work.

By following this simple guide you will be able to enjoy your beautiful home extension for many years to come

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