How best can I maintain my conservatory?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to the upkeep of your conservatory and we realise that it can be a little overwhelming. With this in mind we have a put together a few tips to keep you on the right track, with a couple of the factors that we are often asked about, these being condensation and locks and handles. By following this basic advice, it will allow you to enjoy your extension for many years with peace of mind.


Unfortunately, condensation is only ever possible to minimise as when vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces like glass the vapour will create water droplets. In order to minimise condensation, it is important to allow ventilation by ensuring that vents are open at all times and by opening doors / windows whenever possible.

Heating can also assist with minimising condensation, increasing the temperature marginally during cold weather to regulate the temperature of the inside of the windows.

It is worth noting that a ‘drying out’ will need to be taken into consideration for newly constructed conservatories, having had hundreds of litres of water used during construction which will also take a little longer during the winter months.

Locks and handles

It is important to maintain locks, handles and hinges to prevent them from becoming stiff, brittle and breaking. This can be done simply by keeping them lubricated, using light machine oil lubricant on moving parts and petroleum jelly if indicated on windows and doors.

To some, these tips may appear obvious, but being overlooked can be a costly experience and therefore by carrying out the simple maintenance will protect your penny’s and home.

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