Revolutionising conservatory & extension construction with the hup! system

The level of technology within the hup! walls and roof are unlike anything else on the market. Offering a build speed that is five times faster than traditional methods, along with five times the energy efficiency of the average UK home.

Build a conservatory, extension or garden room the modern way with hup!. Energy efficient walls and roofs combine to create your perfect haven at home. With hup!, you can also transform your old conservatory into the heart of your home hassle free.

Design Flexibility

Choose from five different roofs
Compatible with any wall finishes
Configurable to any window and door layout
Perfect for extensions, conservatories, transformations and garden homes

Five times More Energy Efficient
Five times more energy efficient than the average UK home
Components compliant with Part L June 2022 Building Regulations
Solid roofs with U-Values less than 0.15 W/m²K for England and 0.13W/m²K in Scotland
Walls with a U-Value of 0.17 W/m²K, exceeding Building Regulations

Five times faster to build
100% pre-fabrication, no cutting required on site
Rapid wall and roof connections
10m² of wall built in minutes
Can be built in any weather

High Quality Finish
BBA approved Ultrapanel technology from a BBA approved factory
Designed to accommodate on site tolerances
Precision engineered for a consistent high quality finish
No cold bridging

One Supplier, One Project
No bricks required – range of authentic looking wall finishes
Designed to be fitted by one conservatory team
Comprehensive fitting team training provided
Design, specification and price in one easy U-Design order

Our highly experienced hup! specialists are on hand to guide you through your hup! project from design, right through to completion, in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditional build.

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